Application of Products

We always think tubing

1. Stainless steel tube for the medical device

(laparoscope, endoscope, injection needle and dental parts tube)

• Satisfaction with ID & OD CPK1.33 /CPK2.0 for cold drawing technology
• Satisfaction with customer’s requirement of mechanical property (TS, YS, EL) for manufacturing design technology

2. Precision shaped cold drawn tube

• Cold drawn technology for diverse shaped tube to medical device and industry parts
• Laser measurement, multi-process drawing technology and perfect cosmetic condition

3. Thick wall and Thin wall (0.05mm~0.1mm) /

welded and seamless Semiconductor tube

• High pressure demand and thin wall demand tube manufacturing technology
• OD & ID surface roughness demand (Rz3.2)

4. Industrial Pipe and Coil Tubing

• Piping, Heater, Instrument parts, Automobile and Cylinder body tube manufacturing technology
• Special welding method and Quality assurance for final production