Industrial stainless steel tubing and Coil tubing

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Industrial Pipe and Coil Tubing

01 Piping, Heater, Instrument parts, Automobile and Cylinder body tube manufacturing technology
02 POC (Process Order Card) management for Manufacturing system, lean process and traceability
03 Pressure test of welded tube for Quality assurance

Application for Industrial Stainless Steel Tubing

• Heat Exchanger Tube
• Heater Tube
• Condenser Tube
• Cylinder Tube
• Guide of Water-Based Ball Point Pen
• Fuel Filter
• Bourbon Tube of Pressure Gauges
• Capillary Tube of Thermometer
• Tubes for Carriage of Pure Gas
• Piping System of Drink Server
• Solenoid valve Guide Pipe
• Injection Tube for Automobile Engine
• High Precision Press Parts