Produced for the first time in Korea 0.3mm Brass Tube Mill
• Automobile brass antenna, Machine parts (Brass), Copper and Brass drawn pipe and 0.3mm brass tube mill
• From late ’70s to early ’80s : Mild metal cold drawing


Produced 0.3mm Precision Stainless Steel Tube
• Automobile stainless steel antenna, Heater tube, Precision stainless steel tube for machine parts. Precision STS316L tube for video tape guide roll
• From early ’80s to late ’90s : From mild metal to stainless steel tube drawing


Developed semiconductor pipe aided by Ministry Commerce, Industry and Energy for Component Technology Development
• Completion of Seamless stainless steel tube for semiconductor, Pneumatic cylinder body tube, Petrochemical pipe, Laser welding machine (R&D), Sanitary stainless tube
• From late ’90s : Seamless stainless steel tube


Medical tubing development (5,000,000m/year : 16,000,000ft/year)
• Precision stainless steel for Medical device (Laparoscope, endoscope and dental), Precision drawn tube for CPK2.0, Military medical parts, welded semiconductor, Measuring instrument parts
• From 2010 : Medical, Measurement parts, Military and Automobile Industry